my hiatus ≫ bookstagram + twitter

At around 10pm on April 7, Jen (@myriadinklings) and I decided to take on a two day bookstagram/social media hiatus. Two days might not seem like a lot, but for Instagram and Twitter addicts like us, we thought that two days was a good amount. We didn’t announce that we were going to take a two day break, but why did we take that break? Keep on reading and I’ll explain everything 😉



I hiatus is a pause or break. I usually see people taking a hiatus when they are busy with school or life in general.


We decided to take this hiatus because we constantly/obsessively check our book related social media accounts and it was becoming a problem. We also usually pretake photos for our bookstagram account and ran out on April 7. Personally, I just started to lose the motivation to post. It started to feel like a chore and wasn’t as fun as it used to be. Jen suggested that I needed to take a break a couple days before that and I said I didn’t need to, but on the 7th, we both agreed that we both needed to take a break. I think the main reason behind this hiatus is that we want to be inspired and motivated to post again.


We didn’t want to want to take a break from all of our social media accounts, only our book related ones because those were the ones that we were constantly checking. Here are our rules:

  • we can check ONLY our personal accounts. we both have personal and book related accounts so we were only allowed to check our feed on our personal accounts.
  • NO searching our bookstagram selves on our personal accounts. even though we were allowed on our personals, we were not allowed to do anything bookstagram related on them, including searching ourselves and checking our comments, likes, and follows.
  • NO twitter. we both deleted the twitter app off our phones and were not allowed to check twitter at all.
  • we could blog and write posts, but everything we wrote within these two days had to be put into our drafts until our hiatus was over.


I had a few goals going into this hiatus. I am currently writing this post on the 8th so these are my goals going into this, but I will write about whether I completed these goals or not later on in the post.  Anyways, my goals are:

  • to spend more times doing “me” things rather than bookstagram related things, such as spending my time doing reading or cleaning rather than taking photos for bookstagram and writing out captions, scrolling through my instagram feed, commenting on photos, and tweeting.
  • organize my shelves in a rainbow, doesn’t really have much to do with the hiatus but I want to do it anyways. Fid and Jen have inspired me to go full on rainbow for my bookshelves.
  • I mentioned this earlier, but Jen and I could both agree that we want to take this break to be motivated and inspired again.


April 7 at 10pm – April 8 at 10pm

Day one was not as difficult as I thought it was going to be. It was actually really easy. I spent most of the day talking to Jen so I didn’t really feel the need to check Instagram or twitter.


April 8 at 10:01 pm – April 9 at 10pm

By day two, I really didn’t feel the need to check my social media accounts. The only reason why we both decided to only make it a two day hiatus is because we both had to make giveaway announcements, but day two was not difficult at all.


So after the hiatus, I felt a lot better because I didn’t feel pressured to post anything. Before the hiatus, I always felt like I had to post at least once a day, but after the hiatus, I realized that I should just post whenever I want, however many times I want. I did end up doing more “me” things during the hiatus, which was really nice. I tried to organize my shelves into a full on rainbow, but wasn’t really a fan of it so I changed it back to exactly how it was before the hiatus. I definitely feel more inspired to take photos now. I just needed a break.

It might seem scary to take a hiatus at first because you feel like there’s a part of you missing, but if you feel pressured and not as happy posting tweets or Instagram photos, I definitely recommend taking a one or two day hiatus to just get your own life together and do “you” things to make you happy 🙂



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7 thoughts on “my hiatus ≫ bookstagram + twitter

  1. itsabookishthing13 says:

    I’ve been feeling the exact same way lately… As much as I love bookstagram, it’s started to feel more like a chore, and it makes me quite uninspired. I’m afraid of going on a hiatus, because what might happen is that, instead of gathering inspiration to post, I’ll just get comfortable doing other things, and might be even more uninspired…if that made any sense.
    Lately I’ve been feeling like my account is in a rut, and I don’t know what to do about it because I’m so uninspired.
    I hope this works for you! I’m really looking forward to reading about your experience ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. wonder wall of books says:

    That is a great idea!!! Maybe I should do this…. I DONT KNOW. I don’t want to. Well maybe that just proves that I need to get off Instagram for a while. Hmmmmmmm…..


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