June 2016 Book Photo Challenge

For the month of June, I have collaborated with one of my faves aka @twirlingpages  on Instagram to create a June Book Photo Challenge!  I will be explaining what each daily challenge means in this blog post and I will include a few examples to clarify a few of the prompts. If you plan on participating or if you have any questions, please let me know!


  1. June TBR: Post a photo of your TBR (to be read pile or list) for the month
  2. Book & Sunglasses: A book + sunglasses (example)
  3. Yellow Books: Post a photo of any or all of your yellow books!
  4. Latest Book Purchase: What is the last book your purchased?
  5. Currently Reading: A book that you are currently reading
  6. Book & Sunset: Take a photo of a book during sunet and post it
  7. POC Character: POC = person of color (ex:// laura jean from to all the boys ive loved before, magnus bane from tmi/tid)
  8. What’s In My Summer Bag: What is in your summer bag?
  9. Quick Reads: What book did you read quickly?
  10. Feel Good Books: Books that just make you happy and love life
  11. Books Recommended To You: What book(s) have been recommended to you?
  12. Books You Recommend: What book(s) do you recommend?
  13. Influential Book: A book that “left a mark” in you/life changing books
  14. Fave Childhood Book: What was your favorite book to read as a child?
  15. Flying Book: Throw a book in the air and take a photo of it (example, example). I am not sure that I can even do this so an alternative could be a book that you would take to read on an airplane or a book about airplanes
  16. Auto Buy Authors: You love this author so much that you are willing to buy any and every book that this author releases
  17. Time Travel Books: Book(s) that involve time traveling (ex:// The Love That Split the World)
  18. Book + Ice Cream: Post a photo of a book and ice cream or a book that has ice cream on the cover
  19. Favorite Father Figure: Happy Father’s Day! Who is your favorite father character in  a book?
  20. Summer Reading Goals: What books do you want to read this summer/what are your goals this summer?
  21. Colorful Covers: Book(s) with colorful covers (example, example)
  22. Title Starts w/ the Letter “s”: Post a photo of a book that begins with the letter “s” (ex:// slammed by colleen hoover, second chance summer by morgan matson, etc)
  23. Shelfie: Post a photo of your books shelves (example)
  24. Rainbow Spines: (example)
  25. Book + OOTD: Post a photo of a book next to your outfit of the day or of you holding a book while wearing your outfit of the day (example, example)
  26. Favorite Classics: What are your favorite classics? If you don’t read read classics, what is a book that is considered a classic to you?
  27. Coffee & Books: Book + a cup of coffee (if you don’t drink coffee, use tea or juice)
  28. Naked Rainbow: Take the dust jacket off of your hardcovers and make a rainbow of those naked spines
  29. June Book Haul: Book(s) you bought throughout the month of June
  30. June Wrap Up: Book(s) you read throughout the month of June

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