bookstagram challenge | august 2016

For the month of August, I have collaborated with one of my faves aka @twirlingpages  on Instagram to create a August Book Photo Challenge!  I will be explaining what each daily challenge means in this blog post and I will include a few examples to clarify a few of the prompts. If you plan on participating or if you have any questions, please let me know!


  1. august tbr – books you’re planning to read throughout august
  2. romance novels – post a photo of romance novels that are your faves or maybe just romance novels in general
  3. pink + green books – since it’s national watermelon day, it only makes sense to post a photo of pink + green books
  4. fave bookish squad – this one might be kind of difficult to explain, but squad = group of friends (ie. the unexpected everything, the mortal instruments, harry potter series, etc.)
  5. book + sports – either a book that has to do with sports/has sports involved or books + a sport you play
  6. minimalistic cover – a cover that does not have too much going on (example: 1, 2)
  7. favorite bookish friendship – this one is similar to bookish squad except this one is basically just two people rather than a whole group of friends (ie. tris + christina, gus + isaac, etc)
  8. books that made you smile – a book that made you happy/smile 🙂
  9. all time fave books – it’s book lovers day so post a photo of your all time favorite books
  10. laid back book(s) – a book that was easy to read, didn’t cause too much emotional damage
  11. book related to politics – rather than explain this one, I’ll just give a few examples: the unexpected everything, the hunger games, divergent series, etc.
  12. favorite bookish siblings – example would be the weasley siblings, cath + wren from fangirl, laura jean + kitty from tatbilb, etc.
  13. book stack – stack a bunch of books on top of each other and take a photo + post it to instagram! (example: 1, 2)
  14. book + unique facts about you – post a photo of any book that you would like and in the caption, state a few unique facts about yourself!
  15. peach colored books – i know it’s pretty difficult to find a “peach” colored book so orange will do for this day!
  16. fave author collab – sometimes two authors are better than one, post a photo of your favorite author collaboration for a book (ie. my true love gave to me, you know me well, never never, burn for burn series, etc)
  17. fave place to relax – is it by the beach? is it in your bed? is it on your sofa/couch? hammock? etc. post a photo of it!
  18. used books – i personally think that used books are underrated, but there is also a part of me who loves new books that have not been touched by others. anyways, post a photo of your used books!
  19. poetry books – this one might be difficult because I feel like poetry is a hit or miss and probably not many people own poetry books, but if you do (ie. milk and honey) post a photo of it! if you don’t have a whole book dedicated to poetry, post a photo of a book that has a poem in it
  20. funny books – post a photo of a book that made you laugh! 😀
  21. book + music – this one is my fave! post a photo of a book + music (cd album, iPod, etc). example: 1, 2
  22. book about innocence – maybe someone lost their innocence for a bad boy or something similar to that.
  23. fave female character – who is your favorite female character/heroine?
  24. book + stationary – book + notebooks or pens or highlighters or sticky notes, etc. (example: 1, 2)
  25. white spines – books with white spines are my fave because it looks so classy and clean. here are a few examples: 1
  26. under-hyped books – books that you love but don’t get enough attention
  27. currently reading – what book are you currently reading? post a photo of it!
  28. feel good books – books that make you feel great and happy
  29. impulse buy books – books that you bought on a whim/weren’t planning on buying
  30. august book haul – books you acquired throughout the month of august
  31. august wrap up – books you read throughout the month of august

have fun and don’t forget to use the tag #augustofpages if participate in this challenge! 🙂



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4 thoughts on “bookstagram challenge | august 2016

  1. paintingsandpages says:

    I love participating in your challenges even though I have a bad habit of jumping in on random days instead of every day (my bad). But I can’t wait to try this one this August! 😀

    The descriptions will probably help inspire me as well. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. reddjena05 says:

    I’m new to bookstagram, so I was happy to find this challenge. My post will go live tonight once I get home to take my day 1 photo! Not sure that I’ll get everything done, but I’m hoping for at least half. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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