bookstagram challenge // october 2016

For the month of October, I have collaborated with one of my faves aka @twirlingpages  on Instagram to create a October Book Photo Challenge!  I will be explaining what each daily challenge means in this blog post and I will include a few examples to clarify a few of the prompts. If you plan on participating or if you have any questions, please let me know!


  1. monthly tbr – books you’re planning to read throughout october
  2. pink books – post a photo of pink books
  3. book + technology – post a photo of a book + technology (phone, camera, laptop, etc)
  4. book + coffee– post a photo of a book + a cup of coffee
  5. green books – post a photo of books that are green
  6. favorite fairy tale retelling- post a photo of your favorite fairy tale retelling (ex//: the lunar chronicles, unhooked, etc)
  7. books that made you smile – post a photo of a book that made you smile 🙂
  8. gifted book – book that was gifted to you/someone gave to you
  9. worn out pages– post a photo of a book that has pages that are starting to look yellow/torn/worn out
  10. mapped books – books that have a map in it (example)
  11. rainbow books – make a bookish rainbow and post a photo of it! (example)
  12. book that made you frustrated – what’s a book or character that made you really frustrated?
  13. horror books – post a photo of horror books/scary books
  14. book + desserts – post a photo of books + desserts or a book that has a dessert on the cover (ex:// the unexpected everything, love and gelato)
  15. assigned reading – a book that was assigned to you in school/book you had to read for school
  16. large books – post a photo of a book that has a lottt of pages
  17. sock sunday – that’s right, sock sunday on a monday! why not just switch things up :p post a photo of books + socks (example)
  18. favorite reads of 2016 so far – what are your favorite books that you have read so far in 2016?
  19. LGBTQ+ books – books that are LGBTQ (ex:// carry on, simon and the homosapien agenda, aristotle and dante discover the universe)
  20. currrently reading – what are you currrently reading?
  21. fast paced books – post a photo of books that you couldn’t put down/are fact paced
  22. colorful books – make a stack of colorful books or post a photo of a book with a colorful cover
  23. shelfie – post a photo of your bookshelves!
  24. book with food on the cover – post a photo of a book with food on the cover
  25. paranormal books – post a photo of paranormal books
  26. creepy covers – post a photo of a book with a creepy/scary cover
  27. sci-fi books – post a photo of some science fiction books
  28. black books – post a photo of black books
  29. dress up as a fictional character – we want you to full on/cosplay as your favorite fictional character (yes you can wear your halloween costume!!)*
  30. orange and white books – post a photo of orange and white books so it looks like candy corn!
  31. book + halloween props – post a photo of books + halloween props*

*if you can’t participate in these prompts because halloween isn’t your thing, that’s okay! go ahead and post your haul and/or your wrap up these days 🙂

have fun and don’t forget to use the tag #spooktacularbooks if you participate in this challenge!🙂



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